Quality Guarantee

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New Millenium quality with human and environmental friendliness, our activities liked by many other industries are now based on safety, environmental and international directives.

The reference to safety regulations to which our product range complies all products in question are CE marked with technical file considered on request.

Our rigid quality and advanced technical knowledge ensures top quality and innovative abrasive products.

As for the quality directive our company foresees to put at the disposal of our users , all the information they may need for the product utilization, environmental protection and safeguarding of the operators for this reason we offer the following general view of certification obtained by independent bodies to enable you to get all the answers necessary to use our products in the best way and to make your work safer.

  1. Thatcham certificates
  2. IPA Tests
  3. ATEX Certificates
  4. ISO 9001 Anest Iwata Japan.
  5. ISO 14001 Anest Iwata Japan.